Cornea Transplant


Corneal transplantation is routinely performed to restore sight in patients whose corneas have suffered damage from conditions such as trauma, keratoconus, inordinate swelling and other corneal disorders.  Over the years, more successful visual outcomes have been achieved through advancements in surgical technique as well as increased acceptance of donor tissue.  At Comprehensive Ophthalmology we perform a thorough examination of your eye and use your previous corneal history to aid us in deciding if transplantation surgery is an option which may offer you improved visual acuity.  


Close-up image of a corneal transplant.

In the past full thickness transplantation of the cornea (penetrating keratoplasty) was required to treat all of the above issues. In many instances it is still the procedure of choice. Newer techniques which involve transplantation of specific cornea layers offer improved visual outcomes with decreased risk of rejection of the donor tissue and quicker healing. Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) involves transplantation of the front layers of the cornea, whereas descemets stripping endothelial transplantation (DSEK) involves transplantation of the most posterior layers of the cornea.  In cases of advanced ocular surface disease or previously failed cornea transplantation, one may elect to proceed with surgical placement of a prosthetic cornea (Boston Type I Keratoprosthesis).


Restoring one’s sight from successful corneal transplantation is truly a life changing experience and we at Comprehensive Ophthalmology hope to make your experience a positive one.

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