Diabetic Eye Screening


It is estimated by the American Diabetes Association that 1 in 8 individuals in NYC has diabetes.  Diabetes is a complicated chronic disease with many manifestations, none less devastating than the potential loss of vision caused by diabetic retinopathy.  Diabetes is now the leading cause of blindness in adults aged 20-74 years, and roughly 28.5% of people with diabetes aged 40 years or older have diabetic retinopathy.  If diabetes “runs” in your family or if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, ophthalmic screening for diabetic retinopathy is of the utmost importance for you.


In some patient’s with diabetic retinopathy, the blood vessels inside of the eye may swell and leak.  Additionally, one may develop an abnormal growth of new blood vessels inside of their eye.  These vessels can leak and/or bleed.  Overtime if these changes go untreated diabetic retinopathy can result in a progressive decrease in vision and blindness. In many of these instances the patient may be unaware of the changes in the retina that are occurring. A dilated examination of the “back” of your eye (retina) by our expertly trained professionals can result in early detection of diabetic retinopathy.


If you are a diabetic, our eye care professionals need to be a part of your healthcare team.  Attentive control of your diabetes will aid in controlling the complications of this disease, and as your family practitioner, internist, or endocrinologist do their part, our eye care team will do our part to keep you seeing for years to come. Book your appointment for an eye check up today.


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