Glaucoma Screening and Management


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness world-wide and is sometimes referred to as the “Thief in the Night” due to its seemingly asymptomatic development.  Often, glaucoma may go undetected for years by the patient until significant and irreversible damage has occurred. 


In most instances, patients with glaucoma have elevated intraocular pressure.  High eye pressure leads to damage of the optic nerve inside of the eye.  Once optic nerve tissue has been lost due to glaucoma it cannot be recovered. Therefore, early detection and identification of patients at risk usually results in arresting the condition and the prevention of visual loss.


At Comprehensive Ophthalmology, we use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and manage glaucoma.  Some of the testing we provide includes visual field and optic nerve mapping using OCT technology.  These studies allow for real-time monitoring of disease progression, and aids us in developing personalized treatment strategies.


Most patients diagnosed with glaucoma can stop the devastating effects with the regular application of topical eye drops alone; however, in more intractable cases Comprehensive Ophthalmology may advise for more extensive treatment if it is warranted.  Such treatments include laser and filtering procedures.  The object of glaucoma management is to prevent any further deterioration of a patient’s vision and to that end, you and your doctor will work together to achieve this goal.  It is vital that you be evaluated early so that the “Thief in the Night” will not have a chance to steal your precious vision, which once gone, cannot be restored. Call today or book an appointment online.


Optic Nerve Changes Over Time

Normal Optic Nerve                          Mild-Moderate Glaucoma                 Advanced Glaucoma

What Your Doctor Actually Sees

Normal Optic Nerve                          Mild-Moderate Glaucoma                 Advanced Glaucoma

How Your Vision Changes Over Time

Normal Vision                                    Mild-Moderate Glaucoma                 Advanced Glaucoma

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