Uveitis is a general term used to describe an inflammatory condition that occurs inside of the eye.  There are many causes of uveitis, most of which are either infectious or autoimmune in nature.  If uncontrolled, the chronic inflammation of uveitis can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, and in the most severe cases blindness.  From our standpoint, each patient with uveitis is unique and therefore must be evaluated on an individual basis. 



Often, the workup for this disease starts with a complete eye examination and blood work to rule out infection or autoimmune etiology.  We at Comprehensive Ophthalmology utilize a wide array of testing and examination techniques to monitor and screen for inflammation.  Thus our control of the side-effects of intraocular inflammation such as, elevated intraocular pressure, retinal or optic nerve swelling can be detected and monitored by our physicians with the use of our sophisticated diagnostic equipment.  All and all they aid in our monitoring the success of therapy.


Most primary cases of uveitis can often be treated with topical and oral corticosteroids alone, while more resistant and chronic disease often requires immunomodulatory therapy.  We here at Comprehensive Ophthalmology specialize in the evaluation and management of all types of uveitis cases and willingly accept the most challenging of these cases. 

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